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Catherine Klein

France Born in: 1960
Catherine Klein can be considered an artist painter lettrist, with her canvases all decipherable according to the canons of the lettrist and hypergraphic art...

Llettrism was born in 1945. Its creator, Isodore Isou, developed the hypergraphie named ""metagraphie "" an art based on the organization of letters and signs regarded as an overrun of the plastic art figurative and abstract artwork. It is the "Roman des mots".

Catherine Klein artist of "words" transports us into a world where everything is crossover and collects in the meanders unexpected, singular but customary for those who seek the trace of their existence.

Catherine used little color the black and white. These funds sharp express a revolt, an illusion of the life lost or found. In the extreme "black and white" Catherine banishes the halftone. With this novel of words our next dance between the malaise and indecent assault. Oddly enough we become by magic of spectators filled by this symbiosis between the figurative artwork and poetry.

The art, as the said Nicolas Bourriand, is a condition of meeting.

The approach of Catherine Klein for the abstract is justified by his passion of the sight, the visual then becomes a story, image ... Under the abstract shapes and figurative whose expression is powerful, Catherine reached an energy translation by the violence of its hues, its colors.

The choice to free themselves in this sphere complex or no sign escapes, simply our eyes and our judgment, will define the message of Catherine ...
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