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JC Pautot

Born in: 1956


JC Paulot is a French painter born in 1956. His approach to art is unique : he started his artistic journey in 1993, when he was convicted and imprisoned after a robbery. It was in this context that JC Pautot found refuge on painting, as way to express his sorrows and his anger.

His work is raw art, devoid of artistic culture. Through painting, he tells us about his life in prison, the miseries as well as the surprises, which were sometimes happy. He managed to escape twice. After a period of ten years, he was condemned to perpetuity. With this condemnation he started a new phase, that of the acceptance of his sentence. Helped by his artistic work, came the time of the liberation of the mind. We can find recurrent symbols in his work: a mask behind which each person hides; an eye that reminds us that we are always being observed, judged; chains which represent the confinement that we want to get rid of.

In 2013, he did, besides other nine prisoners, an exhibition called "Voyage" in the Reau penitentiary center (Seine et Marne), for this exhibition he chose pieces that were loaned by the French Museum. However, it was his piece "mask" that attracted the most attention, the piece was exhibited at the request of his comrades.

Today, the image of the artist takes precedence over that of the prisoner: he was liberated under conditional release, and he went to his first workshop outside of the walls, in space "100" in the district 12 in Paris : "I chose this place because it is open to everybody without exclusion, explains the artist, I feel in my place".
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