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Pascal Moscovitz

Born in: 1951


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Welcome to the world of Pascal Moscovitz. Pascal Moscovitz was born in France.His grandfather was the Lido Orquestra’s conductor, in Paris. Since a very early age he got in touch with arts, through music. He started learning how to play the instruments with which his father worked. Later, he dicovers painting, and studies in different art schools, getting a traditional education. He travels to various places around the world and gets to know works of diverse people,with diverse enphasis. His work , naturally,is influenced by European artists, getting, as well , eastern styles touches, as time goes by. When observing his paintings, we can see his admiration for the great artists: Van Gogh, Vlaminck, Picasso, Matisse and Gauguin. We can also see the insertion of literature, and strongly, as an evidence of his background, music. There is lyrical poetry in his painting. Pascal composes music with the brushes; and overflows passion through his strong and hot colors, intense and ardent lines, showing clearly to those who observe his works, that, there,in that place, he poured out his soul. Fearless and unscrupulously, he allows us to peep just a little bit of what is there inside his subconscious mind, in the form of memories, dreams, and experiences… “When I paint, it’s not me who is painting; I am the painting. There is a divine communication at this moment. It’s a work of the soul.” Pascal Moscovitz
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