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David Godefroy

Born in: 1977


Translation in progress

David Plastique is of an artistic current that he calls "Dematerialism"
Or the freedom from any material constraint inherent in the creative process,
Movement synthesizing processes in their transformations and displacements,
What builds a work whose perception changes to the sandstone of the time and the mood of the viewer, which becomes the guarantor of the interpretation of the work.
Of his vital need to create a synesthetic representation of his emotions has naturally been associated with this representation by the writing of poems thrown on the live;
A need to define societal discomfort through artistic expression;
And above all, a desire for intrigue by prose and the destruction of the schematized form;
Car from a work implied pleasant to watch in its final production;
He can not help but incorporate the factor of destruction, alteration, and calculated error;
To give an analogy to what may be too synthetic;
That is balanced by the use of digital tools originally shaped;
Computer paleontology in a way;
A current technique to embrace the primitive art of origin which was the primary meaning of his approach, to find the word and tone that symbiotic approach nearest to this analogy.
Exacerbated by matter, he attacks with sickly joy to surpass himself from day to day;
To experiment and interpret the media with one goal: to achieve the sensory effect sought in the present moment ...
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  • French Artist

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