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Catherine Ursin

Born in: 1963



Translation in progress

Catherine Ursin was born in 1963 in La Flèche.
After her formation in computer graphics, Catherine decided to leave the computer’s immaterial world and give all her body and soul to work with raw material.
She reflects, in her own way, the question about the body, so often questioned by the contemporary’s artists. This body is heavy, identified, photographed, sexed, signified, digitized, standardized, cared for, disciplined, translated into words, dressed, buried, etc. This body, "meaningless thing" according to Platon’s idea, it is reinvested fully in the impetus, constantly renewed, in her drawings.
The female’s word, without cry and violence, erupt in front of our eyes. Anyway, we can look at her paints in every direction we want (the figures are often mutually overturned). Face to face to the body’s exploitation and exhibition, the violence suffered, but also the control, the measure, in the most barbaric form of the enslavement, Catherine Ursin shows that remain inexhaustible reserves of creativity.

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Catherine Ursin, Racines, Painting

Catherine Ursin

Racines, 2016
148 x 142 cm

1 200 €

Catherine Ursin, Instinct de survie, Painting

Catherine Ursin

Instinct de survie, 2016
210 x 149 cm

1 600 €

Catherine Ursin, En Corps! Triptyque, Painting

Catherine Ursin

En Corps! Triptyque, 2016
150 x 189 cm

1 950 €

Catherine Ursin, Danse, Painting

Catherine Ursin

Danse, 2016
203 x 125 cm

1 200 €

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