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Alexandre Joly

Born in: 1977


Alexandre Joly was born in 1977 in St. Julien Genevois, France. He lives and works in Geneva where he studied industrial design and fine arts. His work is internationally exhibited, presented in numerous galleries and art festivals. He is a teacher at the HEAD (Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design) of Geneva.

Alexandre Joly works in an intuitive and experimental way, he develops a dense body of work that presents itself like successive discoveries of a laboratory where the forms and their innumerable possibilities proliferate. Loud or silent, Joly records an imaginary universe and evokes in his installations the strange and the marvellous, the macabre and the ludic. The practice of drawing accompanies his entire work.

The installations allow him to bring together a variety of his know-how and give him a great freedom to occupy a space. Furthermore working specifically for one space, in an in situ manner is always a new challenge and as very exciting to him. Alexandre Joly develops his work in connection to the creation of sound. Whether it’s about installed devices or performances, he explores the possible interactions between the material, the object and the sound; he thus elaborates a kaleidoscopic research, exhausting different configurations between the ways of the diffusion and reception of sound. He creates sonic objects and spaces, every intervention participates in the evolution of one singular imaginary landscape.

Joly loves physical sounds that become a material to sculpt a space or an object, either in a subtle, or in a radical way which one can apprehend with their entire body. Using sound reinforces his visual propositions, it puts them in tension. The notion of landscape is essential within Jolys work. The landscape appears like the aura of a piece, in the sense that the object that he presents is part of an imaginary landscape. This gymnastic of the mind operates in different ways from the microscopic to the macroscopic, from the technical to the natural.

The presence of nature and the animal world is also very important in Joly’s work, the best way to apprehend his exhibitions is often instinctive, tactile and spontaneous. He love to find himself in the middle of a landscape without a path, and walk freely from one point to another, it’s the image that he has of his work process, one idea influences a direction which produces in return new ideas. Thus, these comings and goings form a fabric, a network of links that grows bigger over time.
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