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Cécile Veilhan

Born in: 1965



Translation in progress

Born in 1665. Cécile Veillant is exhibiting in several cities in France since 1994.

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Cécile Veilhan, Les poissons (fishkids), Painting

Cécile Veilhan

Les poissons (fishkids), 2016
89 x 116 x 2 cm

€4 300

Cécile Veilhan, Le chocolat chaud (hot chocolate), Painting

Cécile Veilhan

Le chocolat chaud (hot chocolate), 2016
100 x 81 x 2 cm

€3 600

Cécile Veilhan, Les déguisements (the disguises), Painting

Cécile Veilhan

Les déguisements (the disguises), 2016
92 x 73 x 2 cm

€3 100

Cécile Veilhan, L'orgueil (pride), Painting

Cécile Veilhan

L'orgueil (pride), 2016
35 x 27 x 2 cm


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