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Patrick Bastardoz

Born in: 1970



Patrick Bastardoz studied Visual Arts at the UFR Arts in Strasbourg. He lives and works in Strasbourg.

Patrick Bastardoz sees his practice as a permanent look at the history of painting. “I am sensitive to the work, the skills and the know-how of painting, and in order to acquire all these one has to spend time and observe paintings to understand how their production process works.”

Fascinated by the many similarities between the construction of a building and the completion of a painting, he has been exploring this theme and experimenting since 2006. The building sites are not the only subjects of his paintings: painting itself is the subject. Patrick Bastardoz wants to make us discover that from the foundations until the completion of the work, the similarities between construction and painting are disconcerting: structure and composition, foundations and imprimature (base layer, often dark from which one “draws” the whites), transparent walls, finishes, touches, style etc…

Paintings of building sites or building sites of painting, the canvas reveals the stages of its construction, through the succession of transparent layers that “go up” towards the spectator and offer clues about their own making. Like the building site of a building, the paintings show their constructive elements and the various stages of their construction.

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