Sébastien Zanello

Born in: 1972



Sébastien Zanello is a French artist, born in 1972.
Initially an interior architect, Sébastien Zanello turned towards an artistic practice quite recently.

Due to his architectural past, he still has a passion for formal vocabulary, an aspect one can see in his current creations. Sébastien works around shapes, construction and movement. This was already the case in architecture.

Sébastien Zanello's work revolves around simple shapes, a basic architectural figure: a square. Indeed, square is the starting point of all his creations, a deconstructed base that the spectator has to look for and visually reconstruct, by moving around the creation.

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Sébastien Zanello, Heart Summer Cube, Sculpture

Sébastien Zanello

Heart Summer Cube, 2015
450 x 320 x 280 cm

20 000 €

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