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Olivier Vincent

Born in: 1970 France

Olivier Vincent

Olivier is a French self taught artist. He was born in 1970 in Seoul, South Korea. He lives and works in France.

Olivier has a special gift, a unique vision which goes along with a strong sense of humour. Inspired by major contemporary artists (Keith Haring, Ron Arad,…) Olivier knows how to give his creations the magic touch with his perfect knowledge and strong sense of creativity which makes him a very talented artist.

Olivier is looking into shapes and material to offer pleasure. He feeds the eyes, creates the desire of touching. His patterns are extremely sensual, the colors of his works are a visual delight. Artist or magician, he evokes emotions deeply hidden in our subconscious, this quest for happiness that is often considered as a childish thing in our senseless world. His "shadows" are living entities, anonymous and friendly. Since 2006, Olivier has been painting a series of "Funny Shadows" on large aluminium boards.

Shadows embrace, fuse, play with the spectator. Bright colors and the thickness of the painting give life to a playful dance of temporary shapes. Captivated, astonished, the eye is looking for a mark, a direction to this colorful fantasia. Peace of the soul, awakening of senses, eacH work of Olivier reaches the sensibility and sensuality of each of us.
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Olivier Vincent, O! Roy, Painting

Olivier Vincent

O! Roy, 2019
43.7 x 43.7 x 1.6 inch


Olivier Vincent, Roy!, Painting

Olivier Vincent

Roy!, 2017
43.7 x 43.7 x 1.6 inch


Olivier Vincent, Vanité, Painting

Olivier Vincent

Vanité, 2017
29.5 x 29.5 inch


Olivier Vincent, Free Gamètes, Painting

Olivier Vincent

Free Gamètes, 2017
55.1 x 78.7 x 1.6 inch


Few works remaining by Olivier Vincent

These are the last remaining works by Olivier Vincent.
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Pasqui Galerie

From November, 26 To December, 8 2019

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