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France Born in: 1969
HDC is a self-taught artist born in 1969 in France. He lives and works in France.

HDC (Hombre de Crystal: the man strong and fragile at the same time) is a multi-facetted artist. A visual artist involved in conceptual art, narrative figuration and new realism, HDC’s is interested in very eclectic fields and techniques.

In sculpture, he uses construction materials (expanding foam, extruded polystyrene, resin, glue for tiled floors... ). The purity of his lines and an obsessive work of polishing and finishing his pieces gives his works a very particular touch.

In his digital works, he uses one of his photos, a collage or a sketch. And then he uses his "DEEP" process: Dissection Elongation Elaboration Painting. All his digital works are printed in Fine Art.

This duality between matter (the sculpture) and anti-matter (the digital) earned him the nickname of Higgs Boson.
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