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Fanny Pallaro

Born in: 1970



Fanny Pallaro is a French artist, born in 1970 in the Côtes d'Armor. The childhood she spent on the Guérande peninsula contributed to forging her personality, and is still an endless source of inspiration for her. After gaining a degree in philosophy from the University of Toulouse, she decided to launch herself into a course in set design, meeting her desire for a concrete challenge. She quickly decided to make this her career. She discovered painting, drawing, sculpture and graphic design. Since 2007, she has worked freelance, registered with the Maison des Artistes, France’s biggest arts association.

Water is a recurring theme in Fanny Pallaro’s work, and echoes childhood memories On the Guérande peninsula, water is, of course, omnipresent. She takes the shape of a wetland or an ocean, which goes hand in hand with a powerful wind with a marine odour, as well as iridescent colours. The artist is fascinated by the traces left by the passing of water. It carries all kinds of residue, constantly transforming the landscape. Mud, algae, stones, shells, silt, peat… So many new or displaced elements, whose location and condition are only temporary.

Fanny Pallaro regularly exhibits her work in France.

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Fanny Pallaro, Ancêtre 4, Sculpture

Fanny Pallaro

Ancêtre 4, 2016
41 x 21 x 22 cm

€2 000

Fanny Pallaro, Tribu 4, Sculpture

Fanny Pallaro

Tribu 4, 2016
38 x 28 x 21 cm

€1 600

Fanny Pallaro, Tribu, Sculpture

Fanny Pallaro

Tribu, 2016
34 x 17 x 23 cm

Sold out

Fanny Pallaro, Ancêtre de cendres, Sculpture

Fanny Pallaro

Ancêtre de cendres, 2016
43 x 23 x 19 cm

Sold out

Galerie AMJ

From May, 1 To July, 2 2017

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