Elisa Haberer

Born in: 1978



Elisa grew up in Chalon-sur-Saône, the cradle of photography. She would spend time in the Nicéphore Niepce museum with her parents on Sundays, whenever it rained. The real revelation took place later on in her life. She became aware of the importance of images when she was 13, in 1993, and she saw the film "Three colours : Blue" by Krzysztof Kieslowski. From that moment on she was determined to work in cinema. "The film was vital for me", she says.

She immersed herself in the director’s work, discovered André Téchiné in the process and naturally ended up enrolling in the newly-created cinema course at the Lyon University. On a whim, she decided to take photography as an minor. She was impatient and, as she says, "many years would have gone by before I could make a film, whereas photography was immediate".

Add to this a decisive meeting with Christian Caujolle and Elisa has now been a photographer for 12 years. An accomplished photographer who has just made her first film, "My lucky bird".

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Elisa Haberer, Un été à Pékin, Photography

Elisa Haberer

Un été à Pékin, 2007
100 x 100 cm

3 400 €

Elisa Haberer, Plongeurs, Photography

Elisa Haberer

Plongeurs, 2008
100 x 100 cm

3 400 €

Galerie Jean-Denis Walter

Insights into sport III
From May, 15 To July, 13 2017
Paris - France

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