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Martin Bez

France Born in: 1955
A former marine, Martin Bez has moved to Sète in 2000.

For him, his camera replaced the sextant but his gaze continues to navigate on the surface of the water during his walks by the canals, ponds and the sea in the city.

He seeks exclusively the magnified glares, their light, their color, their material.

The sky, currents, wind, the quality of the water, the time of day, the shadow of a bridge, the passage of a vessel, an object floating, these alements influence the rendering of the reflections.

The photographer might think they have codified and dominated their images but Martin Bez likes to be surprised by the rendering of his photos.

The same shot will never result in the same image and the reading of each photograph will often take an unexpected direction depening on the experience and the gaze of the photographer.

We are in the frozen image, discovering the subliminal image.

"Nothing has meaning, nothing exists, just a changing stream on the surface of which things happe". This famous phrase of George Moore which inspired Martin Bez, places the emotion of the photographer and then of the viewer of the image at the moment of the shooting, when everything becomes possible.

The water, memory of the world, passes sometimes its secrets through an almost esoteric filter.

The motion graphics of some of the details of the glare revealed by the photograph mixes comics, ancient art, figuration but also the references nrough by the recognition of each as if the liquid element had already invented everything.
The mix of forms, colors and contrasts builds a perpetually renewed poetry.
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