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Frédéric Deprun

Born in: 1968



Frédéric Deprun was born in Versailles in 1968. After his studies at the Beaux-Arts in Lyon, he settled in Lyon and dedicated himself to painting in 1992, without any compromise.

He produces colorful paintings which refer to a falsely innocent reality. They are inspired by the iconic figurines of children games: firefighters, soldiers and dolls depicted in his canvases.

The artist, through a hyperrealistic trick achieved with effects of scale, distortions and blurs, seeds disorder in the mind of the spectator. The viewer is projected into an extraordinary world where the objects are alive in almost real landscapes.

In his compositions, Frédéric Deprun depicts images of water, reflections, mirrors, andmisted windows suggesting two tangent worlds, a passage between dream and reality.

The characters play minor scenes, each of them telling their own story. Together they form an imaginary collection reminding of a fairy tale.

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  • French Artist

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