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Bernard Malaisy

Born in: 1945


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Bernard Malaisy was born in Lille in 1945. He entered the School of Fine Arts in 1962 and began his career as a photographer in advertising. In 1971, his meeting with Jean-Pierre Melville when shooting the film “A cop” is critical, in opening the doors of cinema to him : he was successively set photographer then director of photography and will participate in the realization of about a hundred films. In 1990, Bernard Malaisy perceives that drawing and painting are missing him and him essential as a creator... While continuing to work in the cinema, he devotes more and more time. Fundamental esthete, passion for all the arts, inspired, but by far the most great painters and photographers of all styles, it is in his interior landscapes that Bernard Malaisy finds inspiration, and also in those of Lake Maggiore on the banks where he set up his studio, returning to his Italian roots. The "ringhiera" to the misty blue moods and landscapes, Bernard Malaisy’s paintings are a gentle mixture of his childhood in Italy and the thrills he lives in the 70s. Wandering thoughts, he does not need to have his eyes open, the Lake Maggiore pictures never leave him, his work is far from spontaneous, he does not like 'the ease of gesture disconnected to the thought'. He makes several sketches before starting. Finally, he prepares his paper nourishing it with neutral wax, then works with a paintbrush or a brush putting his natural pigments, oil pastel drawing, and then subtracts the material to dry point to regain the whiteness of the paper. Always in the fluidity of the gesture, paper, waxes, pigments and pastels are in harmony with the ultimate goal of the painter. Bernard Malaisy has in his head the photograph of his finished painting before starting, but, as when you read the last page of a book, before everything else, he still has everything to do with his brush and colors. Between dream and illusion, Bernard Malaisy’s landscapes that are not, suggestive lines, penetrated and entangled within, overlap in the volumes carried by the wind or the light. Sometimes his universe is reassuring, nostalgic or evocative of femininity. Sometimes, in the dark, they reveal the inner turmoil or the deep thoughts of a philosopher who ignores. Since 2013 he exhibits his works, his paintings, gradually entering private collections in France and Italy.
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Bernard Malaisy, Sans titre, Painting

Bernard Malaisy

Sans titre, 2017
41.3 x 59.1 x 0.4 inch


Bernard Malaisy, Sans titre, Painting

Bernard Malaisy

Sans titre, 2017
25.6 x 19.7 x 0.8 inch


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Lausanne Art Fair #2
From April, 19 To April, 22 2018


Wopart, Lugano, Switzerland
From September, 14 To September, 17 2017

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