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Sylvie Guillemé

France Born in: 1962
Sylvie Guillemé was born in 1962 in Ile de France, in the department of the Yvelines. She has worked in the cultural field for 35 years. She has taught music from 1985 to 1992 and has devoted herself to teaching and to electroacoustic music especially by the creation of a sound workshop with the Groupe Expérimental de Bourges.

Then, from 1992 to 1997, as an art school principal, she has put in place an artistic educational curriculum with an emphasis on the training, the creation, dissemination and encounters between different cultures and artistic practices. In 1997, she decided to devote herself exclusively to painting and has exhibited her works regularly ever since.

Sylvie Guillemé's compositions invite us into landscapes that oscillate between reality and imagination. Each work is composed of small pieces of memories, like small clues. She collects pieces of wood, pebbles and rocks and makes "photographic sketches" as a travel notebook.

In her studio, on canvas, she writes with wax and pigments, sequencing signs and inscriptions of the time shaped by "Mother Nature", her source of life and inspiration. In nature she discovers the most beautiful abstract compositions that she calls "the figuration" of the soul.

Her musical career and her passion for jazz and contemporary electro-acoustic music lead to her visual compositions. Painting is for her "creating a writing/composition of a work on several voices. By painting each canvas, I attempted to find the "right" balance between the "small note of color" raised here and there, between all these tiny details that will provide the necessary force to the work to be in agreement and respond to the "ochre or blue sound mass", the powerful trajectories will dare or not to go from one end to the other of the space and melt in the heart of the harmony of a low note in the almost living matter."
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