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Arthur Simony

Born in: 1985


Translation in progress

Arthur Simony stopped attending high school at the age of 17. Drawn to lines, forms and textures, he moves to Brussels and enrolls in a school of design. It is during the first year, that he brings to life his first installation, 'Life hangs by a thread'. This was in 2002.

Today, Arthur Simony, lives in Paris. This first experience stayed with him and he continues to be inspired and work with lines and string. He hangs messages suspended by string, tags with precision on tangible, discarded objects and canvases in the street, a trace of himself visible to all that walk by. The reoccurring movement for his signature tag, started off impulsive and repetitive, transforming into a woman's face in 2007. He works on it relentlessly in the privacy of his own home and continuously recreates her.

Overtime, the silhouette changed form, her neck and face elongated and her hair changed shape. Jeanne is born. In 2011, she makes her appearance in the streets of Paris. Since then, Arthur Simony, has experimented with other forms of expression, such as, his work with words: the same word or phrase repeated in a spiral movement, completing a filled circle, to a point where it becomes hypnotizing and inspiring towards the center.

Arthur Simony's artistic approach focuses around two domains. The first is based on the realization of his visual installments. The second experiments with different approaches to street art and drawings.


Prayers are the third window of research surrounding writing and words.

It is first off, a systematic form of writing. Arthur Simony writes a phrase and then the same, continuously over again. Between the letters, there are no spaces or punctuation marks. The words are all next to each other, letters tightly bond, and no trace of spacing. Breathe is suspended. All that is left on the canvas is a compact form. Dense are the interstices filled in with bright, primary colors. The text, visible to all, disappears.

But soon enough, the phrase becomes visible. It comes down to a word: the word Happiness, the word Love, the word Peace. There is nothing subtle about it, the words are traced powerfully with grace and energy. The words repeat themselves and are drawn into this trademark spiral, starting from the exterior towards the center. The words come together at the final point in the core of the piece, where all dies and is also reborn. It is a never ending cycle of peace, love and joy.

Finally, during the course of this powerful process through the lapses of his consciousness, the prayers appear. Here it is no longer about repeated phrases or words, but a short text, written organically with no vague literature. The text art piece is meant to address one as if it were a whispered secret, a benevolent prophecy. The artist becomes a guardian angel.
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