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Gianni Motti

Born in: 1958


Famous artist

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The work of Gianni Motti escapes from the traditional formats of diffusion of art. By derisory gestures the italian artist constructs a work which turns the strategies of power against themselves. With remarkable savings of means, he investigates the places, twists the exposition and transforms it into a dialectical machine, an advanced set of his critical undertaking.

Gianni Motti's pieces are in all points out of norms, as well as in their form or in their content. They appears indeed as a suite of punctual inverventions, infiltrating the reality or making a parasite of the daily media. Like in 2000, during a week, Gianni Motti appeared in different pages of the journal “Neue Luzerner Zeitung", until the moment when the angry readers called the journal to denounce this parasitic stranger. In 1997, in Colombia, he organised a national manifestation of telepathy to spur the President Samper to resign from his position. Or when he stages his own funeral in 1989. After announcing his death in the obituary section of the local journal, Gianni Motti circulates in an openend coffin in the streets of Vigo, carried by the crowd that participates in the funeral ceremony. Sport, finance, the media, international politics, parapsychology - Gianni Motti's actions cover all the spectrum of the contemporay society.

Genius of appropriation and of manipulation of events, his pieces reflect in the form of absurd and ironic interferences, and transform into an organ of social and political protestation. He claims also the appearing of certain natural or accidental phenomenons which go far beyond the limited actions of the human condition. In 1986, the shuttle Challenger exploses in the sky of Florida. Gianni Motti contacts the news agencies and claims the magnificent spray of smoke. The 28th 1992, the earth trembles in California. The artist informs the news agency Keystone and declares himself responsable for the jolt which has provoked a crack of 74 kilometers' length.

His interventions can reach to some derisory surroundings, like for example his intervention at the U.N. in 1997. Never where we expect it to be, in 2005, he compared himself to a proton and went for an investigation of the anti-Motti. Down in the circular tunnel LHC (accelerator of particles) of CERN, He covered the 27 kilometers by foot, at the non accelerated average speed of 5 km/h.

The biggest piece by Gianni Motti is clearly the omnipotence.

In 1999, he made the piece “Big Crunch Clock", a countdown towards the collapse of the solar system, that the scientifics have foreseen in 5 billions of years (the “Big Crunch").

After having claimed earthquakes, rains of shooting stars, eclipse of the sun and the moon, Gianni Motti appropriates the biggest natural catastrophe, responsable for the disappearance of the solar system and by the very fact the disappearance of the earth.

Beyond the ponctuality of the actions, the momentary deregulations that he provoks or demands, his interventions point to where it huts and suggest a multitude of clues of reflection, by a single gesture. Motti sows the disorder, with a rare intelligence and a sharp sense at the same time of aptness, of absurdity and of commitment. His motto: to be at the right time in a wrong place. Invited in 2004, to present a retrospective of his work at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, the artist showed none of his pieces. Instead, he transformed the space into a long lane that the visitors covered in a unique direction, accompanied by the conference guides, who were descripting and talking about the past works of the artist.

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Gianni Motti, Moneybox, Print

Gianni Motti

Moneybox, 2013
19.7 x 27.6 inch


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