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Benoît Trimborn

Born in: 1976



"The landscapes I paint are very familiar to me, these are the ones of my native region. It is more exactly the space of the countryside, the morphology of the landscapes which hold my attention. I evoke its inhabitants and its most common cultures (cows, rabbits, crows) (corn, wheat, vineyards, colza, hopfield).

I feel sensitive to certain places of the countryside and that leads me to the painting. I imagine then the bridge between the territory of the countryside to the space of the canvas. My past as an architect might have an influence on me. It is a bridge to be made without useless gossip. Rather than speaking in painting, I like to make the painting speak. It is the technique which decides and guides me through the exercise of the painting and its subject.

Because it is about fogs, rains, reflections, lights, skies filtered by trees, atmospheres, I could be qualified as a "contemporary impressionist ". These very common elements of the landscape allow me to escape from the spectacular or retinal point of view. The emotion cannot be born in a multitude of effects and impressions : the less we say about it, the more we imagine.."

- Benoît Trimborn

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  • French Artist

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