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Gérard Boudon

Born in: 1946



Gérard Boudon is attracted since childhood by drawing and animal life. Later he becomes interested in science and art, and enrolls for veterinary studies but keeps drawing and sculpting.

From daily observations or images captured during his numerous trips to Africa, he immersed himself in his subjects, making sketches in his notebook, sometimes forgets them, goes back to them again, then one day they come to life in clay, before moving on to the final stage before casting : wood sculpture, usually in basswood that he uses for its visual qualities.

When he does this preparatory work, the artist never loses sight of the guidelines of his aesthetic code : the extreme simplification of the forms, stylization in a play of straight lines or curves associated with clean plans and, at the same time, relevance of every detail. The goal is to keep only the essential to express the personality of the animal beyond its mere physical appearance.

Gérard Boudon created his "sensible and coherent" world but did not stop there. He continued his artistic quest based on his strong principles and ideas: he does not tend towards absolute abstraction, but simply seeks the purity in his expression.

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In time for Christmas
Gérard Boudon, Oie, Sculpture

Gérard Boudon

Oie, 2003
35 x 22 x 22 cm

€3 900

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