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Rémy Pagart

Born in: 1960



Born during the '60s, Rémy Pagart grew upwith Pop Art and '70s art and pop culture, and these are the sources for his taste for fun colors and crazy things. For him, making art is fun and he works with blaring music. Pagart thinks that, if there is a message in his work, the viewer should be the one to decipher it.

Rémy Pagart is an artist with a sharp and quirky humor and who loves challenges. He uses particular materials such as patent leather, fur, plastic, vinyl in crazy colors. His exhibitions and installations use paintings, sculptures and weird pieces of furniture in raw or synthetic materials that sometimes hurt the eye.

With Rémy Pagart, space gets new dimensions. At firts the artist worked as an interior designer. This is how he acquired his taste for materials and textures. His works are born from the contact with such object, and the concept emerges later. Rémy Pagart is a craftsman and he invents new techniques such as those he uses for his plastic paintings. He prefers padding and stapling the materials rather than using classic collage techniques.

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  • French Artist

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