Tof Vanmarque

Born in: 1981



Born in 1981, Tof Vanmarque is a French painter. He lives and works in Brittany.

The artist creates an imaginary world in order to speak about his inspirations, our society from a global and human viewpoint. With the help of a precise technique, he manages to distort the subject by maintaining the particularities in order to retain the strong objective of elements that make up the narration of the painting.

His characters are similar to puppets and clowns. The first one portray economic and political actors of our world without actually seeing the face whereas the clowns symbolize human behavior, often fake and misleading. Behind this imaginary universe, Tof Vanmarque hides a true protester message.

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Tof Vanmarque, La marelle, Painting

Tof Vanmarque

La marelle, 2016
73 x 100 x 3 cm

2 400 €

Tof Vanmarque, La fièvre et la torture, Painting

Tof Vanmarque

La fièvre et la torture, 2016
65 x 92 x 3 cm

Sold out

Tof Vanmarque, Défleuraison, Painting

Tof Vanmarque

Défleuraison, 2012
92 x 73 x 4 cm

2 500 €

Tof Vanmarque, Rixes sexuées..., Painting

Tof Vanmarque

Rixes sexuées..., 2012
92 x 73 x 4 cm

2 500 €

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