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Emeric Chantier

France Born in: 1986 Emergent Artist

Emeric Chantier lives in Paris and works in Montreuil.

His career began in 2006 in workshops and teams of artists, who made decoration items for architects, individuals or prestigious brands. This is how he began sculpture, adapted "model making" techniques, which touched a wide variety of know-how in action. During this period, he also got a grasp over the creation requirements, a quest for quality and meaning. This pool of expertise was an indicator for his own ambition, a test for his own future territory of expression.

Since several years now, he has been producing noteworthy sculptures, which calls to mind due to their meticulous fulfillment, originality of materials that are used to address the topics but also through humanism and poetry.

His work has a lot in common with the miniature world. However avoiding to fall in the trap of decorative and anecdotal figuration. He leans on molding and collage techniques. His sculptures are truly green: they incorporate dried plants, as well as industrial and household materials. He assembles and winds them up with extreme care to make up sculptures which offer several interpretations, both in form and substance.

While conserving his unique technique, he constantly renews his realm of refined, surprising, sensitive and inspired expression as always, through meaningful symbolism.

"My work is related with nature and a human being's relationship with nature, a confrontation with our origins, an ecological awareness on the preciousness of our "mother nature", a source for every life, a topic which is very dear to me and something everybody should believe in according to me.

However, I don't want to give a sanctimonious speech but simply illustrate the living entity and sometimes bring it face to face with the creations of human beings. These sculptures are shaped like the anatomical parts of a man or creations which are part of his day so that he can identify himself with these without becoming a target.

These are simple poetic narratives that speak for themselves-moreover it is important for me to display meticulous and quality work, so that the spectator can get a feel of the subject after having seen the general shape and then forget about it, to finally get tangled up in a universe swarming with life". E.C

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Emeric Chantier, Colt 1911, Sculpture

Emeric Chantier

Colt 1911, 2019
13 x 19.7 x 7.1 inch


Emeric Chantier, Pound, Sculpture

Emeric Chantier

Pound, 2019
21.7 x 14.6 x 7.9 inch


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