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Born in: 1965 France


Translation in progress

Emergent and self-taught artist, Jopy trained alone in drawing and painting, instinctively. Living and working near Nîmes in France. He perceives art as a window, a mirror. Revealing the sensitivity of the artist, his character, his personality, his reflection.

Jopy likes to create and innovate, so he projects himself in another world, in a universe where the colors are bright and intense. The features are only curved, meaningless. But by assembling them, it forms unique faces, which find their meaning.

These bright colors reflect an ever optimistic personality. Happy when he sees someone stop in front of one of his paintings and smile. If the laughter is contagious, the smile too ...

The inspiration always starts with a title. From this title appears the idea in his mind. He lets the latter guide his pencil to shape his drawing. Then he leaves his desire to put the colors on this table and give it life.

"Art is not what you see, but what you show to others"
Edgard Degas.
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Plurielle - 2nd edition

Day2Day Gallery

Plurielle - 2nd edition
From October, 27 To November, 3 2018


Day2Day Gallery

From January, 12 To January, 19 2018

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  • Painting Portrait

  • Painting Acrylic

  • French Artist