Claude Mollard

Born in: 1941



Born in Chambery on September 9, 1941, having studied Law and holding a degree from the Institute of Political Studies of Lyon, a former student of the ENA, Claude Mollard has left his mark in the French political and cultural life.

Like Leonardo Da Vinci, who invited the young painters to imagine scenes or landscapes by observing old walls full of stains and cracks, at the age of 5, Claude Mollard observed everything that passed before his eyes, from the clouds to the tapestries on the wall, discerning infinite landscapes and other beings.

In parallel to these activities, he has been practicing photography since 1970, when he had his first show.

Claude-Charles Mollard has taken numerous photos of nature and objects, but the faces become quickly his main point of interest, the human figures he discovers in nature. Since 1975, he has been searching for the ?Origenes", faces/spirits that he captures in nature and on historical sites.

?The people of the Origenes hides everywhere: in the stones on the road, the nodes of the tree trunks, in the bushes, the lichens on the rocks ... For millions of years, they have been watching in silence the humans who don't see them. Now, I see them everywhere: they cry, they laugh, they have feelings exactly as the humans. Men, monsters or gods, they came to earth long before us. Men, monsters or gods, they are not very wise." Claude Mollard - 2004

In 2008, Claude Mollard discovers the origenes in graffiti and other works of street artists ... this is how the ?graphogènes? were born!

Claude-Charles Mollard travels the world capturing and collecting thousands of images of origènes or graphogènes and building a vast inventory.

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Claude Mollard, Hommage à Leonardo da Vinci, Photography

Claude Mollard

Hommage à Leonardo da Vinci, 2012
68 x 120 x 4 cm

3 000 €

Claude Mollard, Le monstre minier d'Itabirito, Photography

Claude Mollard

Le monstre minier d'Itabirito, 2015
63 x 53 x 2 cm

900 €

Claude Mollard, Le regardeur attendri, Photography

Claude Mollard

Le regardeur attendri, 2003
48 x 32 cm

750 €

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