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Catarina Bravo

France Born in: 1978
Catarina Bravo was born in paris in 1978 in a family of artists. As a child, her father introduced her to painting and put me in contact with various art forms. By the end of my teens to my twenties, she travelled all around the world, South America, Cuba, Asia, the Russia... She found her stability in movement.

On returning home in France and after completing her artistic studies at the University of Paris 4, reality caught up with her: that of her sick body. She had a disease inherited from her beloved late father. The slow, invisible disease invades, destroys, weakens her body, the only solution bein a transplant. Her painting is the expression of physical and emotional pain. She expresses the violence done to the body she living in in a very direct way.

"The apparent skeletal characters are for me a symbol of our mortality. Under the skin, all the same, all mortals. Finally my paintings are my mirrors and they can operate somewhat like objects healers of the shamans in Latin America." (Catarina Bravo)
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