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Brice Mounier

France Born in: 1979
Born in 1979 in Valence, Brice Mounier was attracted to colors, shapes ans materials even as a child. Painting, a powerful but silent medium, perfectly corresponded to his modest nature. It offered him a tool and materials at one and the same time.

In 2010, as he left his position at a financial subsidiary company, Mounier felt a great desire to seize art and to create. He turned naturally enough, to acrylic. He especially appreciates the direct contact of the paint with his hands, to the point that he decided to leave his fingerprint on canvas by way of a signature.

In his works, colors correspond to emotions they arouse in him, as well as to the artistic references that they evoke, such as Pop Art.

His colorful, glossy and sparkling world was initially the one of the superheroes, whether Marvel Comic heroes, mangas, or characters of his own creation.

Mounier then naturally turned to abstractions and learned to deconstruct the vision of things that he had. He likes to quote Pablo Picasso, who said: "I always try to do what I don't know how to do, that's the way I hope to learn to do it."

In the same way, Brice Mounier's tools are non traditional ones : to make his works, he must turn them around or even make new versions. He uses certain kinds of spatulas and PVC knives, made of wood or carton, pastry-makers' ouches, syringes... which offer him so many ways to vary pictoral expression and apply color to the canvas !

His art is based on the memory and his feelings. The series "Squares", for exemple, is a dematerialization of his memories in order ro colorfully and graphically reinterpret them. By painting this way, Mounier shares his perception of life, his sensibility, or simply a little piece of himself.
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Brice Mounier, Candy 2, Painting

Brice Mounier

Candy 2, 2019
31.5 x 31.5 x 0.8 inch


Few works remaining by Brice Mounier

These are the last remaining works by Brice Mounier.
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Exposition collective

Curious Eye

Exposition collective
From September, 30 To October, 25 2019

Dalian Art 2017

Inné'art Galerie

Dalian Art 2017
From September, 21 To October, 15 2017

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