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France Born in: 1951
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She was born in Paris in 1951, and then went on to graduate from the city's Faculty of Medicine as an orthoptist. Cévé became head of care services for visually impaired children in Paris and Montgeron.

It was at that time that she discovered how important it was for an artist to understand round and smooth forms. As a result, Cévé believed that a sculpture should not only be visually admired but also an object that entices touch - her works succeed it that aspect.

Her, often animalistic, bronze sculptures are recognisable through their purity of form and smooth finish. After presenting her works at the SNBA in 2013, Cévé became very distinguished in the world of animal sculpture.
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Cévé, Sunny Pink, Sculpture


Sunny Pink, 2018
35 x 10 x 10 inch


Cévé, Chubby Gold, Sculpture


Chubby Gold, 2018
9 x 7 x 7 inch


Cévé, Busy Red, Sculpture


Busy Red, 2018
26 x 14 x 13 inch


Few works remaining by Cévé

These are the last remaining works by Cévé.
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Modern Remastered

Galerie Montmartre

Modern Remastered
From April, 8 To May, 6 2018

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