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Louis Dolle

France Born in: 1971
Translation in progress

Louis Dollé says that he started Art very early: sculpture using LEGO and the land of his hill; painting and drawing inspired by the comic strip. Not very inclined to school life, this period has greatly helped him to study drawing. Moreover, since childhood, he observes from a distance his contemporaries, appreciating very early the recoil and the observation.

He was trained as a cabinetmaker and then as a wood carver, so that he claimed to be a craftsman! For him Art craftsman is like an engineer ... Nevertheless he resumed his studies at 20 years, passed a tray Art Plastic and then joined the Villa Arson which he escaped after two years.

Instinctively hostile to any pre-programmed thought, he will never be part of any movement, aware of the obvious antagonism between his uninspired accounting training and his vital need to escape the uneasiness of everyday food.

Louis Dollé studies permanently but in his own way: Art for him is a research borrowed from permanent doubts. He likes (the challenges) to confront all the pictorial and artistic techniques; composing writing scenography sculpture drawing painting and also at the installation and at the exhibition commissariat. Hostile from instinct to any pre-programmed thought, it will never be part of any fixed movement but participates in collective adventures: "the cap d'un" literary coffee; "The blue devils"; no-made, artistic collectives. Since 1997, Louis Dollé creates and animates Orange Bleue Association, school of ARTS and place of exhibitions, concerts and theatrical performances.
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