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Audrey Mouchet

France Born in: 1973
Audrey Mouchet is a French artist born in 1973. After living twenty years in Paris and its suburbs, she moved recently in the west of France.

In 1999 Audrey Mouchet, starts making modelling clay paintings. She uses the clay like paint and calls this process 'Pate Painting'. She loves the material, its fell and its sofness. She chooses flashy colors, she mixes them to get marbled effects and unusual colors... She starts a portrait gallery. She depicts characters who become her heroes. They are born and evolve, sometimes in urban environments, in clubs, in the streets of New-York. Other times, they are depicted in a more abstract or vegetal world. In all cases, they pose, the have an attitude.

In 2002, Audrey Mouchet joins a painting and decoration school. Her approach remains artistic and innovative. She paints and draws on the walls and creates murals and ornamentation. She discovers urban art; she uses spray paint, and creates giant murals. She experiments with materials (their effects and textures) through the stucco technique (a very old process that imitates marble).

In 2014, Audrey Mouchet continues her work on her 'pop portraits'.
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