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Thierry Couet

Born in: 1961


Thierry Couet, graphic designer by profession, uses abstract scribbles doodled on a writing mat as his basic material, what the English speaking world calls "telephone scribbling" but this scribbling could also be perceived as note-taking.

Between consciousness and unconsciousness, in a natural state of dissociation, drawing on his writing mat, he is in a condition of altered consciousness, which could be likened to a hypnotic state. Then, Thierry Couet chooses some fragments, processes them by computer, randomly colorises them and makes large photographic prints which he mounts on Diasec.

The final composition consists of traces of these fleeting moments between consciousness and unconsciousness, consolidated, immovable and removed from their environment where they take on a new life. Thus, the work acquires an existential and symbolic dimension, it becomes the link between the outside world and the inside world.

At first sight, this work might seem similar to raw art or street art, but if we take a closer look, we could say that Thierry Couet is an artist who, with this unique concept, mixes and reincorporates telephone scribbling and surrealism, a bit like André Breton’s “exquisite corpses”.
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  • French Artist

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