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Patrick Dumas

Born in: 1978


This is what the artist himself says about his work:

"We live in an era where we are no longer looking to define what is "art" and what is not. Art is everywhere, from the design of our toilet to the cooking of the carrots that we eat. We should just find out what is the role played by the absurd in this equation.

The politics of justification represent a major aspect of social control: it allows to ensure that everyone has its own place, in its little box. Art should not be satisfied with these small boxes.
Yet the fact that everything in the world is a merchandize forces it to be a part of the game, an object among so many objects.

Describing my paintings as absurd is a way of placing my practice and these works on the other side of necessity.

If I was to find another starting point to my practice than my childhood drawings, I would say that should be my visit to the Museum of Art Brut in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2007 which has triggered in me a new perception of painting and allowed my creations to fully flourish. Since then, I have been wanting to admit these influences: from Gaston Chaissac to Jackson Pollock there is just one step?

My inspiration takes its distance easily from what is described as "art" and has its sources as much in fashion, the waste, design and architecture.

Painting for the sake of painting, for the sake of the gesture, for the time spent in the company of shapes and colors, for having the impression of escaping life, for stopping time.

Assembling the shapes such as those of an inconceivable puzzle and always on the edge of collapse?

I don?t care about the coherence of the whole, I am more interested in showing the forms and the textures, in feeling the volumes.
This way, I leave more space to an imaginary world."
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  • French Artist

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