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Mona Fabiani

Born in: 1985


Mona Fabiani aka Woozmoon is a French self-taught artist and globe trotter living in Marseilles, France. She is a traveller who takes inspiration from the places she sees. Her work comes from introspection, she shares her experiences on paper or on canvas.

Like Ying and Yang, her recurrent characters Wooz and Moon translate her thoughts in symbols and secret writings. Between reality, imagination, past and present, Mona Fabiani invites us to an universe full of colors and poetry.
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Mona Fabiani, Silent World, Painting

Mona Fabiani

Silent World, 2016
16.1 x 24 x 0.8 inch


Few works remaining by Mona Fabiani

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In the Head


In the Head
From November, 3 To December, 10 2016