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Coco Téxèdre

Born in: 1953


Coco Téxèdre was born in 1953 in Saint Georges-des-Groseilliers, France. She studied at the Tours Beaux-Arts school and started her career by building models in her father's architecture office. Influenced by lettrists and surrealists, Coco Téxèdre is interested at first in lettering and automatic writing. She creates a huge intimate journal consisting of paintings, drawings, books, sculptures, stain glass... It is a form of therapy that also takes the form of a more personal investigation in which feminism and militant art play an important part. "The letters drift like murmurs throughout Coco Texedre’s canvasses. Threads of ink which flow unendingly, replete with repetitions, citations, bifurcations and lacunae. A weft of threads which are at times woven loosely, then tightly knit into tiny signs that twist and turn and twirl into harmonoius movement and colour. In this landscape of disguised letters, unfurl page after page of the unutterable : the neverending spirals of pain, the little sounds twilled from daily clamour and weariness ; words heretofore held back, hushed or snuffed out but which hum and drone nonetheless. Torn and angry statements which in the end, become the weft of the fabric of life itself – ink as the vital substance, the slough of the reptile skin – the scarified face of the world." - Florence Guibert Fourré
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Coco Téxèdre, Herbe bleue BO6, Painting

Coco Téxèdre

Herbe bleue BO6, 2016
24 x 18.1 inch


Coco Téxèdre, Boucles JF7, Painting

Coco Téxèdre

Boucles JF7, 2016
19.7 x 19.7 inch


Coco Téxèdre, Etoile, Painting

Coco Téxèdre

Etoile, 2016
39.4 x 28.7 inch


Coco Téxèdre, Herbe cheveux 3, Painting

Coco Téxèdre

Herbe cheveux 3, 2013
9.1 x 11.8 inch


Coco Téxèdre, Herbe cheveux 4, Painting

Coco Téxèdre

Herbe cheveux 4, 2013
7.9 x 7.5 inch


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It is high time to rekindle the stars
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