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Yves Krief

Born in: 1965


Through the language of the unconscious, its symbolism and pictorial representations, the density of meanings and color choices that operate, Yves Krief tells universal stories with multiple readings, that is why all his pictures have the same name: "Cent Titres” - because In French the word "sans" means without and the word "cent" means one hundred in phonétic“cent titres” means without title and also hundred titles.

Each of Yves Krief's compositions' mission to cross the barrier of delayed memory in order to converse directly with the unconscious of his observer. Initially the graphic balance, harmony of color and aesthetics of the composition draws the eye or disturbs it. When close enough, is the diversity of elements or "symbols" that challenge the viewer. This density function is to misplace it. Each scene has its own reason for being all melted in a package that appears to be clearly structured and coherent.

At this stage the mind is overwhelmed by a mass of information impossible to synthesize, aided by the natural desire we have to give meaning to what escapes us, entangled in the maze of signifier, only emotional intelligence can find its way. It follows a form of letting go that allows the unconscious to drag its own reading and observer finally select, albeit unconsciously, only the different symbols that speak to him and make its own resonance history. The picture becomes mirror.
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  • French Artist

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