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Born in: 1974



Tworode started to make graffiti in 1988, at the beginning in the toilets of his school and then in his city. His passions were tagging in the streets with his friends, and large murals. Living in the northern suburbs of Paris, his playground and other groups who have influence are in the 92, 93 as well as in the 17th and 18th arrondissement.

From 1991 on he worked on canvas and made his first exhibition in 1993. This medium becomes his passion, so it also became his career. He couldn’t draw, so he decided to enter an applied arts school. Preparing the exams allowed him to learn how to draw and model various materials.

From 1995 he decided to devote himself entirely to his art, and it is during this period that he stops tagging and starts to do murals, paintings, and various volumes. His trips take him abroad for commissions, performances and exhibitions (India, USA, Caribbean, Italy, Canada... ). These collaborations with TVstations lead him to see his work on TV every night for several year , to work with large institutions as well as large companies (TF1, L'Oreal ,Vinci, Whos next, nightclubs... ).

He prefers working on huge walls in the street with other artists, in parallel with his practice on canvas, and distanced from the graffiti on wall that he makes in spray paint . In 2011, he had already had 50 shows and was living of his art.

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