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Eve Luquet

Born in: 1954


Eve Luquet est née en 1954 à Paris. She studied drawing and engraving at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, à Paris (atelier Jean-Marie Granier), and printing techniques with various artists (Attali). She moved to Gard in 1994. Eve Luquet creates drawings, engravings (mainly dry point on copper) and paintings. Her recurring themes are : light, the vegetal world, water, the elements and the human body. She captures "interior images" rather than representations, with powerful symbolic elements. Her goal is not to represent the world, but to capture its breath, the energy that gives life. "Transmutation is this mysterious process whereby anything that has been lived, received, ingrained, even unconsciously, is then altered within oneself, and then distilled as if in an alembic : such that an essence evaporates, and another materializes. Something stripped of the anecdotal comes into being. This process needs a burning fire: the fire of desire, which smolders, spreads, explodes, boils over or irrupts." - Eve Luquet
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  • French Artist

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