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Magdalena Lamri

Born in: 1985



Based in Montreuil, Magdalena Lamri is a young woman, a young mother and a young painter. Born in 1985, she studied mural techniques and decoration at the National School of Applied Arts Olivier de Serres (Paris). After getting a diploma of Architectural Decoration, Magdalena didn?t have a choice: painting was the only option for her. So she left all the beaten tracks and immersed herself in the meanders of her ?guts?. Working hard, with the honesty of a fearless woman (with an honest and straight gaze, from the observer?s point of view), the artist exhibits the most hidden corners of her soul in her work.

Whether we already are familiar with her paintings or that we?ve just discovered them, the aesthetic impact very string. The bodies of her paintings have something disproportionate in them, a treatment which reminds of masters such as Lucian Freud or Jenny Saville. Some of her paintings trouble the viewer with their realism. Her fine lines that we see particularly in her drawings and an exacerbated sense of the detail are the source of this rendering. But if she owes her technique to her training, the posture is due to her gender. A gender whose body is too often represented by photographs of skinny models, so often that normal women see themselves as being huge, dripping with flesh instead of being beautiful and quiet, as they are asked to. That is why we should go back to another master in order to make the connection. Even if the works do?t resemble when it comes to the colors, the posture of the subject and its depiction reminds sometimes of Frida Khalo?s work.

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Magdalena Lamri, The Dreamers, Painting

Magdalena Lamri

The Dreamers, 2016
60 x 80 cm

€1 400

In time for Christmas
Magdalena Lamri, Alice, Painting

Magdalena Lamri

Alice, 2016
50 x 50 x 5 cm

€1 800

Magdalena Lamri, when the light at me, Painting

Magdalena Lamri

when the light at me, 2016
130 x 97 cm

€3 800

Magdalena Lamri, Scent of Silence, Painting

Magdalena Lamri

Scent of Silence, 2016
50 x 30 x 5 cm

Sold out

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