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Mira Maodus

Born in: 1942



Mira Maodus is an artist of Russian origin was born in 1942. She divides her time between Paris, Tokyo and Belgrade. Two periods are recognizable in her work. The first one contains paintings in a "Nouveaux Fauves" style, characterized by a purely "Matissienne" sobriety. The other one started when she decided to turn to the abstraction movement by juxtaposing touches of colors and explore chromatic possibilities.

She replaces the touches by letters, drawn one after the other in a austere way. Sometimes the letters are thin, sometimes thickened, sometimes rectilinear, sometimes slippery, rigorous or convex, but always placed in the same set. She creates deep fields and bright effects by modulating the shades of colors. Her work can be considered as a "reading" of overflowing information.

Mira Maodus has studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris, the Academia delle Belle Arti in Venice and in the Frankfurt/Main Workkunstschule. Her artwork was shown in France, Italy, Romania, Serbia and Japan.

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