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Stéphane Thévenon

Born in: 1968



Stéphane Thévenon is a self-taught photographer.

Co-founder of the collective Street-Art Shooteurs (October 2011), with whom he develops his own vision of the urban world, alternative culture, by immortalizing artists, mainly graffiti artists when they work, in former industrial sites and other abandoned places, "urbex ". He also likes the streets and the suprise of random encounters. He captures these short-lived and raw moments.

Stéphane Thévenon also works on the scenography of his shots, but even in these cases, the spontaneity and the surprises of the sessions such as the "backstage" moments are an important part of his work. He tries before anything else to capture and to translate the energy of a moment.

With the use of "fish eye" lenses, he immerses the spectator in the environment of the subject he shoots. This way, the photograph seems to move, like a video. This influence is perceptible in certain scenographies where our imagination can reconstruct the story of the photo session.

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  • French Artist

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