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Lord Anthony Cahn

France Born in: 1977
Lord Anthony Cahn, painter, was born in Paris. By the late 80s, he launches himself in the art scene with a can of spray paint, in the streets, the Parisian subway and construction sites, with the graffiti and tag artists.

From 1993 Lord Anthony Cahn was trained in design and model-making by the sculptor Patrick Tchouhadjian who initiated him to volumes which will be detrimental in his work. He will exhibit his work in contemporary art for the first time in 1996 with the renowned artist Babou.

After several exhibitions and performances, Lord Anthony Cahn showed his work in 2007 in the famous Musée de l’Homme in Paris .That exhibition was the first both real and virtual exhibition in the world.

Lord Anthony Cahn also exposed his work in the Musée du Louvre, in an artistic performance using witty play on words. The same year, he exhibited his work in a large gallery in Tel Aviv.

The vital lead of Lord Anthony Cahn’s works resides in the city, in its images influence and in its walls.

Lord Anthony Cahn is the man of the city. A man who belongs to the city and wants to make it his own. His art work aims at controlling the city’s outside’s chaos. An art collector keeps his art around him. Lord Anthony Cahn brings pieces of the city around the viewer, within a confined environment. To do so, Lord Anthony Cahn plays with volumes, structures and materials.

He is taking up the challenge of giving depth to those flat urban signs (tags, sprayed words, posters). Thanks to his training in scuplture and jewellery, he masters those disciplines to make his point clear.

Lord Anthony Cahn believes in the signs. He is sensitive to the meaning of words, their double hidden inconscious meanings. Therefore, he likes to translate into art anything in the city which grabs his attention: for instance street arts, street posters, commercials, pictures, and random writings on the wall (funny romantic or otherwise). Borrowing them from the city he will give them a new meaning and hidden sense.

Naturally Lord Anthony Cahn uses the walls as one his mains assets. The city’s walls have been exploited by street artists. It is time to give back the wall its noble meaning by taking it inside the museums and galleries.

The wall is not only the way to separate men but also the first step to civilization. It enables men themselves as intimicy in finally constructing their identity outside a wild world.
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