Marc Gerenton

Born in 1961 - France


Marc Gerenton isn't into any discourse, staging, or desire to persuade or seduce us, he is just presenting things... The artist opens to us a world of forms that express things better than words would the frenzy of the being, its precariousness and a sort of "buffoonery" inherent to existence and to culture.

Between proposals and challenges, Marc Gerenton puts himself in the situation of having to find the things that would occupy the space in tension between two points, in the dizzying hollow of an existence to be found: between the foot and the hand, childhood and reason, and perhaps even between birth to death. He challenges himself to solve this tension, to make the gap become a possibility for being, as a time to be found in the "in between" state of an action that he sets up in space in his sculptures and drawings. There is a human element and an aesthetic one about all this, without ruling out the plurality of the questions he faces, ranging from the technical to the political.

Marc Gerenton's wire sculptures exacerbate the monumental and at the same time precarious presence of these figures suggested through the torsion of the wrought iron bars, a presence that is enhanced by the feet and hands made of resin or bronze.

Marc Gerenton also produces drawings, and drawing has an important place in his practice, even if he is known better for his sculptures than for his drawings. Drawing expresses his artistic research : How to go from one point to another and create the form from the ink? How to play with the media, the surface, with writing, with the subject, and to generate forms or make them interact? Marc Gerenton accepts, for this purpose, to mix sources, techniques, and to provoke the desire of his stroke in order to avoid the usual inflections. Everything is calculated in his work.

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