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Anne Commet

Born in: 1970



Anne Commet is a French artist born in 1970 who lives and works in Paris.
She studied at the Faculté d'Arts Plastiques at Sorbonne, Paris (Olivier Long's workshop) and Stow High (USA, Ohio).

Color and material are the two key elements in the works of Anne Commet. The artist mainly represents landscapes and abstract territories. She stopped figurative art since 2003 and gives a lot of importance to textures, colors and complexities of the surface of her paintings, a process of accumulation and erasing, where the image emerges gradually, in a vibratory manner (pointing out an influence of Mark Rothko).

The artist tries to recount an emotion and works her themes in the form of series (mostly in big formats), like true interior landscapes.
"I want my painting to create a sense of contemplation for the spectator so that he can add his own impression and feelings" the artist tells us.

The works of Anne Commet were exhibited during the Salon du Dessin Contemporain in Lyon (2015), National Gallery in Beijing (2014), Affordable Art Fair, New York (2013), not to mention MACparis (2011). She also won the Marin de la Critique des Réalités Nouvelles award in 2011 and was nominated twice for the Azart prize of MACparis in 2010 and 2011.

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