Julien Sinzogan

Born in: 1957



A native of the Republic of Benin in Porto Novo where he was born in 1957, Julien Sinzogan first studied architecture in Paris, before devoting himself to drawing, painting and sculpture. The Beninese artist lives and works in France.

To create his figurative works, he draws inspiration from the history of Benin and Voodoo spirituality, whose cultural influence is particularly strong in this region. Employing techniques and particularly diverse means, Julien Sinzogan illustrates themes that are dear to him as the slave trade or the Cuban Yoruba society. He works with natural materials such as papyrus, burlap or tree bark, which allow him to play with contrasts in his works.

The artist particularly likes to use ink for tracing his drawings which he then colors to guide the viewer's eye to a sign, a particular symbol, giving the work a particular spiritual dimension.

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Julien Sinzogan, Bois caïmans et erzuli 2, Painting

Julien Sinzogan

Bois caïmans et erzuli 2, 2015
118 x 80 cm

9 000 €

Julien Sinzogan, Bon vent à tous, Painting

Julien Sinzogan

Bon vent à tous, 2015
100 x 70 cm

Sold out

Julien Sinzogan, Cours royales 2, Painting

Julien Sinzogan

Cours royales 2, 2015
142 x 132 cm

11 500 €

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