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Yannick Fournié

Born in: 1972


Yannick Fournié was born in 1972 in the South of France. He was administered at Beaux Arts in Bordeaux, but finally decided to join the army. His quest for identity, an absentee military father led him to join the paratrooper army. He stayed there for three years. Although a very emotionally challenging experience, it wasn't completely in keeping with his expectations. Enamored by freedom and on the look out for new experiences, he continued his career in sports. In 2010, he finally gave in to this throbbing and unquenchable need to paint, His 20 years of intense living led him to bring meaning to his life. Since three years, alone with his canvas in his workshop, Yannic Fournié paints topics that resemble him, a strong and meaningful universe. Yannick Fournie's painting presents portraits with ironic melancholic images, dealing with identity issues, trying to find their place and balance in society. Glorified tormented souls, the artist portrays social, political, religious icons or just unknown people.
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In time for Christmas
Yannick Fournié, The Boxer, Painting

Yannick Fournié

The Boxer, 2014
63.8 x 44.9 inch


In time for Christmas
Yannick Fournié, Aftermath 7, Painting

Yannick Fournié

Aftermath 7, 2017
78.7 x 63 x 1 inch


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Twentytwo Gallery

From January, 15 To February, 27 2016

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