La Souris sur le Gât

Born in: 2003



La Souris sur le Gâteau is a collective of graphic designers created in June 2003 by Didier Rossigneux and Anthony Knapik-Bridenne.

The collective produces mainly photographic images for advertising campaigns. They are famous for their ads for clients such as BMW, Cartier, Citroen, Chanel, Hennessy, Mercedes and Nokia.

The collective has been entertaining people with their humorous commercial photography since 2003. Founders Anthony Knapik-Bridenne and Didier Rossigneux, along with their team of graphic artists including Tony and Emmanuelle, maintain a creative environment that always strives to "nourish inner creativity." That passion can be seen in their finely detailed, realistic, digitally-generated images.

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  • French Artist

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