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Laurent Blandin

Born in: 1969


Born in 1969 in France, graduated from Ecole national supérieur des beaux arts of Mans in 1991, painter collaborator for the beaux arts press and consultant for the big painting brands, Laurent Blandin lives and works in Montpellier, France. Laurent Blandin paints the impalpable, "first the material speaks, I sculpt the color and listen intently to my feelings and then the shapes are given birth. I follow the rhythm to give them the true meaning and help them live on canvas, then my thoughts take shape". The emotions are portrayed through real faces, fantasies where the unspeakable is captured on the paintings. Emerged from the darkness, the characters can finally breathe through the presence of light, echoing thousands of shades between a syncopated rhythm and abstract shapes. This breath of life is revealed through the deep looks, letting one catch a glimpse of the truth and a spark which is the knowledge content. These paintings reveal portraits, parts of the body, bright aura as strength. The eyes of the painter probe the visible, to better understand the intense looks. Irrational faces marked with memories, a representation of the real body at peace between darkness and light, dream and reality, where ties strengthen due to the colored surfaces, mangled and super-positioned in layers, thus better describe the passage of time in these fragments of painted faces.
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