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Yassine (Yaze) Mekhnache

Born in: 1979


Yaze's painting is alive, personal, narrating his story through his flesh and matter. He doesn't play, he is. He does not compose, he proposes a path apart. His painting is introspective, anatomical and endoscopic. Yaze fathoms his soul, dredges the depths of his being and dissects the whole process on canvas. His brush strokes perform an autopsy on the canvas, knead it, grind it. The style is abrupt, swept by a whipping brush. The drippings are iridescent. Everything flows. Everything gets organized. The first brush strokes are violent, liberating. They mark the first lines and organize the canvas. The action is explosive.
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  • Painting

  • Painting Abstract

  • Painting Acrylic

  • French Artist

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From March, 3 To April, 1 2016