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Jacques Papi

Born in: 1966


Jacques Papi is a French self-taught painter. He lives and works in Porto Vecchio, Corsica. Jacques Papi has extended the possibilities of drip paintings and as the new ”Jack the Dripper” confirms that abstract art is still a current subject. While appropriating Pollock's style, Papi reflects the autonomy of creation. Painting as action or shamanic ritual: these are the attributes of Papi's Corsican abstraction. Though the Corsican art community perceives Papi above all as a representative of gesture or action painting, Pollock's successor, the present curators want to draw attention as well to other qualities of his works, such as the view of art in a kind of local asymmetry against the continental theory and especially art history. The context of an art community both literally and figuratively insular, of which Papi forms a crucial part, reveals completely different value aspects, which form the key focus of his work. Jacques Papi is not just a painter, but also a visual poet. His paintings represent the interface where human reason ends and emotion begins.
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Jacques Papi, Sans titre, Painting

Jacques Papi

Sans titre, 2015
76.8 x 47.2 x 1.2 inch


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